What is: Esports

Esports stands for electronic sports. The word 'esport' is used to describe any video game that has a professional competitive scene. The most popular esports are League of Legends, Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Why your SCHOOL needs Esports

College Skills

Esports help students learn valuable skills including reflexes, strategic thinking, teamwork, collaboration, goal setting, preparation, and managing success and failure.


Esports is a fast-growing industry that offers many job opportunities including careers related to programming, esports team management, game development, graphic design, marketing, video production and STEAM fields.

Improve Performance

Students who compete in high school activities do better in school both through improved GPA and test scores, and have increased expectations for continuing education.


Competitive Esports provide a way for students interested in gaming to get out of the solitary mindset and meet in person on a regular basis.

Piloted in 2018, Gaming Concepts has already made a huge impact, improving overall GPA by 1.7 and an increase of 10% in attendance for students who took the course.
82% of students surveyed participating in the Gaming Concepts course say they have never participated in any other extracurricular activity.

How can we help?

As a IT Managed Service Provider in Laredo, we can help your school get all the required hardware, being PC Towers, laptops, monitors, mouse etc.

We can also repair your equipment, help you upgrade and provide technical support.

We are gamers too, we know what is needed get dubs.

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