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What is an MSP?

As as Managed Service Provider, we become your single point of contact for everything IT. Our endpoint monthly charge is to cover the costs of software used to manage your endpoints. The benefit of having an MSP managing your IT department is to merge all your expenses into one, where you have full visual of what your costs are, while only having what your business requires. 

Key Benefits of working with an MSP:

Predictable Costs

Most small and medium businesses are finding it very expensive to employ competent IT personnel to run their IT operations. However, outsourcing the services not only cuts down those costs but also provides predictable monthly costs to cover the entire service. Therefore, using MSP, you can make solid procurement to cover the entire service.

Proactive Support

The service providers are specialized and dedicated 100% to the task of your IT systems. Therefore, they can offer a quick and timely response in case of a performance drop in your system or failure.

Improved Cyber Security

The rising percentage of cybersecurity attacks on smaller businesses can mean many sleepless nights for business owners and the operations team. Outsourcing managed IT services will provide peace of mind because MSPs offer 24/7 monitoring — better yet, the response to possible attacks is almost immediate.

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